A Sell-out Weekend! 

Big THANK YOU to everyone who made our sell-out weekend a success! As always, we love to perform for the wonderful folks at the GAR Hall in beautiful Peninsula Ohio! We were also thrilled to play a new venue in Saline, Michigan...Acoustic Routes Concerts at Stony Lake Brewing! Not only did everyone at Stony Lake treat us like royalty, we were also blown away that the show was SOLD OUT. Thank you Michigan!!

Alliance Symphony Orchestra 

What a joy it was to perform our songs with the brilliant Alliance Symphony Orchestra! Thank you to Conductor Eric Benjamin, and all the hardworking members of ASO for their passion and time on this project!

Captain Dickey~Whiskey-stealing Canal Boat Captain 

The Stroede Center for the Arts recently enlisted Hey Mavis, in collaboration with The Tuttle Museum, to write a song about Defiance people, events or folklore. And what tasty bit of history did Laurie find? A mischievous, whiskey-stealing canal boat captain? Captain Al Dickey hauled pig iron from Paulding Furnace to Toledo, then returned with a boatload of iron ore. Whiskey was also a part of just about every shipment made on the canal. Mischievous and thieving Dickey would have his crew siphon whiskey off the kegs they hauled.

"Here come Capt Dickey, Look out now

Gonna bump that bridge,

Slowing traffic way down

He’s been up all night

That stolen whiskey makes him tight

Here come Capt Dickey, Look out now"

It ain't your childhood Cracker Jack! 

Music and hot sauce...what a pairing! Hey Mavis recently partnered with The Karma Sauce company in Rochester NY to create their live show release: Hey Mavis Red Hot Sauce~Live at Lovin' Cup. The live show was recorded at The Lovin' Cup, a well-known and beloved music venue in Rochester. The album is downloadable from a QR code on the beautifully designed label (by Cleveland artist Hannah Taddeo). Get your bottle and album today and start spicing things up!!

New Music Video Release "It's a Life" 



"It's a Life"...perhaps the most difficult song I have written thus far. A song about the life and death of my father, William F. Dent. How do you honor, celebrate and grieve a life...all in a 5 minute song? I mean, the great songwriters make it seem so easy (don't we all marvel at how effortlessly a John Prine song can wrap its arms around you and transfer the love, humor, beauty and pain of someone else's life?). I wanted the song to be bigger than my own grief...bigger than my own sense of loss and regret. I didn't want the song to bring the listener into a valley of mourning for 5 minutes...only to leave them there, with no way out. I needed the song to lift me out and, hopefully, lift us all up. 

My dad gave me so much...most of it I did not appreciate until the very end of his life. We know this already, but I will say it anyway: Do not wait until the moment of someone's last breath to say "thank you"..."I love you"..."I appreciate what you did for me". 

The time is now...every breath is a gift, every life is important and worth living...hold each other up...breathe deeply...the time is now.

New Release Now Available in Our Store!!!! 

Our new release, Silver Ribbon Dream~Songs and Stories of the Ohio & Erie Canal, is now available in our store. A 28-page book of beautiful illustrations by Leandra Drumm with a 10-song CD of original songs by Laurie Michelle Caner. Get yours today here!!!!!!


Here's a sample of Leandra's beautiful artwork for our upcoming release Silver Ribbon Dream: Songs and Stories of the Ohio & Erie Canal. Enjoy!

“MARVELOUS—you heard words like that after Hey Mavis played two packed shows last June (2014) at the Little Theatre during the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival…This is a charming—and serious—banjo-driven sound…adds up to rocking Appalachian music from Akron, Ohio.”

-The Rochester Democrat & Chronicle


“Laurie Michelle Caner is a cross between Edgar Allan Poe and Garrison Keillor with a killer voice, a killer banjo, and a killer band.”

- Hey Mavis Fan


"The first thing that struck me about HEY MAVIS was the quality of the writing...I was eager to find out as much as I could about (Laurie Michelle Caner) and see what else she had lurking in her mind.”

~Don Dixon (REM, Smithereens, Hootie & the Blowfish, Red Clay Ramblers, Mary Chapin Carpenter)


"With seven words, you took me there, I was standing exactly where you stood, and I knew the emotions that flooded your heart." 

~Hey Mavis Fan