Captain Dickey~Whiskey-stealing Canal Boat Captain

The Stroede Center for the Arts recently enlisted Hey Mavis, in collaboration with The Tuttle Museum, to write a song about Defiance people, events or folklore. And what tasty bit of history did Laurie find? A mischievous, whiskey-stealing canal boat captain? Captain Al Dickey hauled pig iron from Paulding Furnace to Toledo, then returned with a boatload of iron ore. Whiskey was also a part of just about every shipment made on the canal. Mischievous and thieving Dickey would have his crew siphon whiskey off the kegs they hauled.

"Here come Capt Dickey, Look out now

Gonna bump that bridge,

Slowing traffic way down

He’s been up all night

That stolen whiskey makes him tight

Here come Capt Dickey, Look out now"

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